CAC-August 19, 2020: As part of its virtual program, the Algerian film library is devoting a special program on the occasion of the national day of the Moudjahid on August 20, 2020. In this regard, the Algerian Center for Cinematography (CAC) has chose the theme “The Moudjahid in Algerian Cinema” where some Algerian directors have chosen to highlight, through cinema, important figures of the Algerian revolution.

We can cite for example, Djamila Bouhired in Youcef Chahine’s film “Gamila” in 1958, Ali La pointe and Hassiba Benbouali in “the Battle of Algiers” by Gillo Petecorvo in 1966. Mustapha Benboulaid in “Benboulaid” by Ahmed Rachedi in 2008 , Zabana by Said Ould Khelifa in 2012, Krim Belkacem in the film “Krim” by Ahmed Rachedi and Colonel Lotfi in the film “Lotfi” still by director Ahmed Rachedi, while the film dedicated to the hero of the Battle of Algiers Larbi Benmhidi is not out yet.

Through Algerian cinematography, we discover that the great figures of the Algerian revolution did not benefit from a major production in national cinema. This choice was initially adopted to devote a more important place to the sacrifice of the people, the great hero of the Algerian revolution. Thus the majority of films on this national theme have been devoted to stories about characters who really existed, but who were immersed in sometimes moving fictions, as is the case for the film “Wind of the Aurès” by Mohamed. Lakhdar Hamina “Patrol to the east” by Amar Laskri, “Opium and the Stick” by Ahmed Rachedi or “Le Puits” by Lotfi Bouchouchi. Certain characters have been immortalized forever through certain roles, as is the case of Sid Ali Kouiret, in the role of Ali in “the opium and the stick”, the actor Brahim Haggiag in the role of Ali La pointe in the film the Battle of Algiers or Hassan Kechach in the successful role of Benboulaid

To pay homage to its great figures of the Algerian revolution who died as martyrs, the Algerian cinematheque invites you to review some masterpieces produced within the framework of this theme of “Moudjahid in Cinema” and a documentary produced by the Ministry of Mujahedin on Algerian cinema and reality.

By Salim AGGAR, Director of the Algerian Cinémathèque