Very original, the old cinema hall “L’Alhambra” (also, formerly, commonly called “Caravano cinema” by the city-dwellers Béjaouis), in the sense that undoubtedly it exists nowhere neither in Algeria, nor everywhere African continent and even in Europe. Located below the famous Gueydon square. The room offers a breathtaking view of the waterfront  which makes it so unique in the world.

The “L’Alhambra” became “The Revolution” at Independence (July 1962), Then it was integrated into the CAC as a repertory hall in the late 1980s. It was refurbished in 2009, with a capacity of 350 seats.

It is one of the rare cinemas in Algeria to be equipped with advanced equipment, DCP, DOLBY 7.1 and 35mm.

The Bejaïa Cinematheque offers, through these numerous comfort zones, a welcoming atmosphere capable of satisfying lovers of the seventh art.

The different directors who succeeded each other at the head of the management of the Bejaia cinematheque:


The Bejaïa Cinematheque has hosted among many foreign directors of the old and new generation including René Vautier, as well as La Salle de Bejaïa has also become a compulsory stage for all Algerian directors, among others;

– Merzak Allouache
– Abderrahmane Bouguermouh
– Azzedine Meddour
– Belkacem Hadjadj
– Mohamed Bouamari
– Mohamed Chouikh