The Algerian Center for Cinematography (CAC) Algerian Cinematheque employs 133 people

Has 20 rooms on the national territory of which 11 are currently functional.

The Algerian cinematheque which was created in 1965, has the largest stock of films in Africa and in the Arab world: more than 60,000 boxes of films and stored in 5 different places: more than 40% of the stock is suffering from vinegar syndrome .

Local Bab el Oued, 2850 boxes (feature films)

The national library: more than 24 35mm and 16mm boxes.

The Blida room: 6000 to 7000 boxes mainly in 35 mm short films and documentaries.

Bejaia room: 4000 boxes (35mm, box 300m) Soviet films.

Local of the wilaya of Algiers: 15,000 boxes of 35mm, 16mm films

The Algerian film library has a documentation center at Debussy with an important iconographic collection (Photographs, Posters and press articles)