Ahmed Hocine launched the Algerian cinematheque on January 24, 1965 in the hall of the ex-Club, located at 24 rue Ben M’hidi. the hall soon became one of the first destinations in world for the dissemination of culture through film.

The attendance index of its repertory rooms, the number of personalities received, the diversity of its events and the quality of its programs “have made the Algerian cinematheque one of the first stations for African and Arab cinema.

The room welcomed the greatest directors in the world: Pentecorvo, Win Winders, Youssef Chahine, Etore Scola, Nour Charif, Volker Schoendoerffer, Jean Jacques Beinex, Guy Hunnebelle or Roger Hanin and Alexandre Arcadie It is worth remembering what was in the middle 1960s, for a newly independent country, the creation of a Cinémathèque