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Movie Theaters

Djamel eddine Chanderli in Tlemcen

The CAC repertory room in Tlemcen was opened on March 20, 2012 after renovation under the name Djamel eddine Chanderli cinematheque knowing that the room dates from 1936 under the name of Colosseum, after independence in the 70s the name changed under the name which…

Movie Theaters

The Cinematheque of Tizi-Ouzou

The cinema which became the cinematheque of Tizi-Ouzou, was inaugurated on May 19, 1910 by Charles Bousquet and was basically a village hall, where all the municipal festivals, associations, balls of the city were organized as well as the various shows of various troupes, it…

Movie Theaters

Cinematheque of Algiers

Ahmed Hocine launched the Algerian cinematheque on January 24, 1965 in the hall of the ex-Club, located at 24 rue Ben M’hidi. the hall soon became one of the first destinations in world for the dissemination of culture through film. The attendance index of its…